Celayix Free Trial: Welcome & Login Details
A quick introduction to your free trial and a huge welcome from your Celayix team!
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Welcome to your Celayix Free Trial!

Hey you! Welcome to the beginning of your Celayix free trial. We're glad to have you here!

In this collection of help guides, we will help get you started on the Celayix Platform, specifically for your Free Trial. If you have questions throughout the process, please contact your representative or refer to the help guides located in the Celayix Help Center.

Your Feedback is Appreciated!

We thrive on feedback so if you have any of that along the way, feel free to let us know - some of our best features are born from feedback from our awesome customers!

Post-trial Onboarding

Our post- trial onboarding processes include dedicated time with an Implementation Specialist to ensure you are getting the best setup possible for your organization. We do this because no two businesses are exactly the same and we are highly configurable to adjust to your specific practices to get the most out of your Celayix platform.

Once you have had an overview of the Celayix platform with your free trial and decide to join, you will be assigned a specific person who will help with the proper setup. If you have specific questions during the free trial feel free to pass that along to your representative!

Enough from us, let's dig into the good stuff!


- The Celayix Team

Important Things to Note Before Starting

Celayix is optimized for Google Chrome and Firefox. Other browsers are not supported. If you do not have either Chrome or Firefox, they can be downloaded for free

Important: In order to be compatible with Celayix applications, your Windows computer must be version 8.1 or later, and your Mac OS must be 10.11 or later.

Getting Started

After signing up for your trial, you will receive an email with login details. To login, go to login.celayix.com.

At the login, enter your Client ID, Username, and Password - all sent to you via email during your initial account setup.

Feel free to bookmark this page for the future and note down your credentials in a safe place!

Celayix Log In Page - Free Trial

Once you are logged in, jump into the next portion of this help guide - Celayix Free Trial: Getting Started with the Scheduling in Schedule Xpress.

For more information on your free trial, please Contact Support now!

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