Drop Shift in Team Xpress

All you need to know about dropping shifts from within your Team Xpress app

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You can use the Drop shift option to drop a shift from within your Team Xpress app if you no longer can or want to work it.

Note: You can only drop a shift if you're given the permission within your Team Xpress app.

Drop shift in Team Xpress

In this article, we'll look into the following on dropping shifts from within Team Xpress:

Finding your Drop shift

Drop shift deadline

How to drop a shift

Shift drop status

Finding your Drop shift

If you've been given the permission to drop shifts, you'll have the option to Drop Shift from within a shift in the Schedule section of your Team Xpress app.

Finding your Drop shift in Team Xpress

Drop shift deadline

You will find you Drop deadline in the Status section of your shift. The Drop deadline is the last time you can officially drop the shift from within your Team Xpress app.

If you still need to drop the shift and the deadline has passed, you'll need to contact your supervisor.

Drop shift deadline in Status in Team Xpress

Dropping a shift

To Drop a shift, press Drop Shift.

Drop shift in Team Xpress

Prior to requesting a Shift drop, you'll be able to give a reason for doing so. This is optional.

Reason for dropping shift in Team Xpress

Press Request Drop to complete the request.

Request drop when dropping a shift in Team Xpress

Shift drop - Approved or Declined?

Whether your Drop Shift request is Approved or Declined is based on your company's setup. The Drop Shift request will either be:

  • Approved automatically by the system.

  • Remain in Requested status until your supervisor decides to Approve or Decline it.

For more information on your company's Shift drop setup, please contact your supervisor.

Shift drop status

To find out the latest status of your Drop Shift request, you can head to your Schedule in Team Xpress, and if the shift is still there, it will be marked as Drop requested.

Shift drop status in Team Xpress

If Approved or Declined, you'll be notified via email. As additional confirmation that your Drop request was Approved, you'll see that the shift has subsequently been removed in the Changes section of your Action needed.

Note: You will only see the Changes section if your company has permitted you to receive Schedule change acknowledgments. If not, then Changes will not be available.

Shift removed when shift is dropped in Team Xpress

Shift drop Notifications

As long as you've consented to receive email, you'll receive an email notifications whenever the status of your Drop Shift request changes.

If you need more information on Drop shift in Team Xpress, please Contact Support now!

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