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What's New? - November 2022
What's New? - November 2022

Find out the latest updates to the Celayix platform in November 2022

Written by Celayix Support
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This article will inform you of all the new updates to the Celayix platform throughout November 2022.

Celayix: Employee Scheduling Software

Dashboard in Schedule Xpress

Your Schedule Xpress platform has a new feature called Dashboard.

The Dashboard provides an outlook on your performance in the form of a range of different widgets which represent your scheduling data over any given period. This includes a schedule overview, late comers to shifts, and Billing vs Payroll.

You can read more in our Dashboard in Schedule Xpress article.

The Dashboard in Schedule Xpress

Don't see your Dashboard?

If you don't see your Dashboard, Contact Support and it can be enabled right away!

If you're yet to see these updates appear in your Schedule Xpress, or you have any other questions, then please Contact Support now!

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