Why can't I check in?

This article explores the reasons why an employee may be struggling to clock in or out of their shift in Team Xpress

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We're going to explore the different scenarios which may be preventing an employee from clocking in/out, or any other type of punch in their Team Xpress app.

In this article, the following will be scenarios will be explained on why you may be struggling to clock in/out in Team Xpress:

I can't see my check-in slider!

There's a few reasons why this may be the case. We've listed them below:

  • Your phone may not be able to provide an accuracy figure, meaning that it cannot detect that you are where you're currently and exact location. If this is the case, you may need to try a different area of your site to attempt check-in.

  • You've already been checked-in and out of the shift by your supervisor.

  • Your Dashboard isn't showing the slider. If this happens, please check your the Schedule section of your Team Xpress app, and click the relevant shift to see if the slider is available inside.

If you can't see any sliders, we encourage you to contact your supervisor.

No check-in slider in Team Xpress

Let's explore more reasons why you may not be able to check-in.

I'm not inside of the site geofence

The most obvious reason why you can't clock in is that you're not inside of the geofence set at the site you're supposed to be working. While not all companies will permit you to be inside a geofence, the ones that do will not allow you to clock in without being inside of it.

Here's an example of an employee being outside of the geofence. This will not permit you to check-in, and will send a notification to your supervisor that you have attempted to check-in outside the geofence.

Device not within geo-fence in Team Xpress

It's essential that as an employee, you enable your phone's location services if your company uses geofencing at site.

I'm inside of the site geofence and my phone is telling me I'm not

There may be the occasion that you're at site ready to check-in and your phone is still telling you that you're not at location. You can use your phone's map app or the Where Am I Right Now for details on your exact location, should you have to prove it.

If this issue persists at the same site, it's likely there's a GPS or signal issue. Please contact your supervisor if this is the case.

I'm receiving no signal at site

If you have no data, WIFI or signal in the area, you will not be able to clock in to a shift.

Here's an example of no data, WIFI or signal when trying to clock in.

No signal error when checking-in in Team Xpress

This error message denotes that you're not connected to the internet and will need to do so in order to check in.

I don't have a Team Xpress account

If you don't have an account or you need to activate one, please speak to your supervisor.

For more information on why you may not be able to check in, please Contact Support now!

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