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Release Notes: 9.0.9a - April 2022
Release Notes: 9.0.9a - April 2022

Additional Time Processing features such as bulk updates and shift colors

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Release 9.0.9 brings additional capabilities to the Time Processing module that was introduced in March 2022. Specifically, the update focus on the module and the ability it gives the user to update multiple time records in one operation. This feature is referred to as bulk updating.

There is also a new capability that allows the user to apply colors to shifts based on the service or the site. This is in addition to applying colors based on the state of the shift.

Time Processing bulk update

The Time Processing bulk update is designed to give you the autonomy to update as many shifts at once as you'd like.

By choosing the shifts you want to update, you can click the Update shifts option to make a change for multiple at a time. You can then select different fields to update to complete the change. This simplified tool is designed to save you a ton of time.

Update shifts in Time Processing in Schedule Xpress

You can visit our Time Processing page for more information.

Shift colors

The shift color feature allows the scheduler to see at a glance all the shifts belonging to the same site or the same service by assigning separate colors to each one.

Schedule with different colors to each site, as below.

Shift colors in Schedule Xpress

You can visit the shift colors page for more information.

Updating multiple shifts

When updating multiple shifts at once it is now easier to specify all the changes to be applied. For example, to change the start and end time in one pass, put checkmarks next to each field to be changed, and then enter the new values to be assigned to all the selected shifts.

Updating multiple shifts in Schedule in Schedule Xpress

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