Resetting Employee Team Xpress Password
Ensure that none of your employees have trouble accessing Team Xpress with this quick method of resetting their password
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In this article, we will discuss resetting employee passwords. This is most typically used when a password is forgotten or there's a potential issue with the method of their use.

Note: Employees can press the ‘Forgot password?’ option on their Team Xpress account as the first step in the process. As long as they have an email attached to their account then this is the preferred method. This article will become useful if they have had no success changing their password using that method.

This article will cover the following steps in making bulk updates to client sites in Schedule Xpress:

Locating the Employee Account

Once logged into your Schedule Xpress account, you'll select the Manage people tab (red arrow) and then proceed to type the given employee’s name in the search bar (green arrow), as shown below.

Locating employee accounts in Schedule Xpress

Editing the Employee Account

Once you’ve located the employee’s account, please double click on their profile. Inside their profile, you can click the Edit employee button as shown below.

Editing employee accounts in Schedule Xpress

Resetting the Password

From here, you’ll need to select the Accounts tab (red arrow) and proceed to click the drop-down on the ‘Update Team Xpress account’ to find the reset password option (green arrow).

Resetting employee password in Schedule Xpress

Saving the Changes

This will allow you to reset the password and let the employee know, so that they can attempt to log in. Once you’ve created the password, please remember to click the save button located in the bottom right hand corner to confirm changes.

Saving changes made to employee accounts in Schedule Xpress

This will reset the password for your staff member. The new password can be provided to them and they will be able to successfully login!

Employees Can Change the Password Themselves

If you have to use this process, please make sure an email address is attached to the account where applicable, so that the reset can be sent to the user's email address.

You can find out more on our within our FAQ: Team Xpress article.

For more information on resetting an employee's Team Xpress password, please Contact Support now!

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