My Team Xpress link has expired?

What you need to do if your Team Xpress invite link has expired

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Whenever an employee is trying to create an Team Xpress account, they'll need to accept an invite via email or SMS in order to retrieve their account details and create a new password.

However, if this link is not accepted within 7 days, it will automatically expire.

My Team Xpress link has expired. What do I do?

If your Team Xpress invite link has expired, there's a few of things you can do.

  1. Ask your supervisor to send a new invite to your preferred method of contact.

  2. Double-check you haven't been sent two invites, and are clicking on the oldest one. Don't forget to check your junk mail!

Expired link for Team Xpress

Account already activated?

If you've already accepted the invite and created a password, your account will be activated.

In some cases, an employee may refer back to the invite link to log in to Team Xpress. Please do not do this.

Here's how you should be logging in moving forward.

Team Xpress login methods

You can log in to your Team Xpress account by either downloading the app through for Android or Apple phones (recommended), or use on your computer.

Logging in to your Team Xpress account

For more information on link expiries, please contact your supervisor or Contact Support now!

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