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Release Notes: 9.0.9b - April 2022
Release Notes: 9.0.9b - April 2022

New Time Processing module

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Release 9.0.8b features a new Time Processing module that allows you to update and approve the shifts that have been worked.

It extends the workflow so that you can now go from planning to execution to evaluation. The result of which is a clean set of shift information ready to submit for payroll or billing.

Chronological workflow

  • Planning: create the schedule using the Schedule module.

  • Execution: employees use Team Xpress to check in and out of their shifts, and you use Time Xpress to review their actions in real time.

  • Evaluation: verify and approve the shifts using the Time Processing module.

Time Processing

This new module allows you to review worked shifts, correct their times, as well as adjust the allocation of time among regular time, overtime, and holiday time. You can adjust the pay rates and bill rates associated with each shift so that the employee is paid correctly, and the client is billed appropriately.

Accessing Time processing in Schedule Xpress

See the Time Processing guide for more information.


Initially this module will be available on demand. To enable this feature Contact Support now!

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