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We review Timesheets and Time Cards for those users with the option enabled

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Timesheets and TimeCards are important ways for employees to record their working hours within Team Xpress.

Note: This is an optional portion of Team Xpress and your organization may not use it.

Most commonly, if you use a check-in/out method is used this will not be used.

This article will cover the following steps within the Team Xpress app:


The Timesheets module allows employees to submit details of shift times worked.

You can create a Timesheet for any worked shift by clicking on the Timesheet tab at the bottom of the page and finding a shift (green arrow). The shift will disclose whether it has a Timesheet submitted or not (red arrow).

Timesheets in Team Xpress

Once you've clicked on the desired shift, you can fill in the relevant details and click Save (green arrow) at the end to submit.

Create timesheet in Team Xpress

This will then be reviewed by your supervisor.

My TimeCard

The MyTimeCard (green arrow) module is also found under the Timesheets icon.

The My TimeCard module provides an employee with a record of their hours based on punch data collected from multiple time collection sources.

You can search for specific date ranges and the TimeCards section will summarize the worked shifts and time off records for that period. Below shows the Total view.

My TimeCard in Timesheets in Team Xpress

You can also view the breakdown of the hours worked in the period selected by clicking the Timecard option (green arrow). You can select yourself whether you believe these times are correct or incorrect (red arrow). If incorrect, these will not be logged on your Timecard but your supervisor will be made aware it was rejected.

My TimeCard in Timesheets in Team Xpress

You can double-click a record to access more details.

My TimeCard Details in TimeCards in Timesheets in Team Xpress

Selecting a Time off record

Similarly, they can select a time off record that display as TimeCards too.

Time off record in Timesheets in TimeCards in Team Xpress

Same applies as a shift record. Double-click to access the details.

Time off record details in Timesheets in TimeCards in Team Xpress

For more information on timecards and timesheets, please Contact Support now!

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