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How Do I Link My Schedule to My Calendar?

Directions on how to use iCalendar to link your work schedule to another schedule

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This guide takes you through the process of adding your work shifts to your personal calendar. This is known as iCalendar.

This user guide shows how employees can subscribe to the iCalendar through using Google Calendar, Outlook and Apple.

Note: Please be aware that this feature is optional to your company. You may or may not have accessed to iCalendar based on Settings.

This article will contain the following on how to link your schedule to your calendar using Team Xpress:

Timing and Frequency of Updates

This link will update your calendar once a day with changes to your calendar.

Team Xpress Setup

The first step is to get the iCalendar link. This will be located inside the Preferences tab of your Team Xpress My Account section. So head to My Account > Preferences > iCalendar.

Locating iCalendar in Preferences in Team Xpress

Once you've opened iCalendar, you'll see an option to Get new URL

(green arrow). Press it. This will generate your first URL link. You will need to enter this URL into the calendar application when subscribing your schedule.

Note: At any time if you want to update you can hit Update iCalendar. Simply hit Update iCalendar (red arrow) and refresh your app to display the latest information.

Get new URL and Update iCalendar in Team Xpress

The Following Examples

Before we show examples, please be made aware that any changes made by either Google Calendar, Outlook or Apple are out of Celayix's control. Therefore, it's possible that after the creation of this article, the calendar product may have changed. The examples should still serve as a general indicator on how to subscribe.

If you notice that this article is outdated, then we would appreciate your feedback. Please contact us now!

Google Calendar

To add your calendar to your Google Calendar, sign in to your Google account in a web browser. Click the add calendar (+) button (green arrow) to

Add calendar in Google Calendar

Choosing your iCalendar URL

Here you'll be presented with the opportunity to choose to use the URL you've created in your Team Xpress app.

Choosing From URL in Google Calendar

Copying your iCalendar URL

Revert back to your Team Xpress app and highlight, right click and copy your URL iCalendar link as below.

Copying iCalendar URL in Team Xpress

Submitting the iCalendar URL

Then paste it into the Google Calendar URL of calendar as displayed below. You'll also be given the opportunity to make the calendar publicly accessible.

Press Add Calendar to submit.

Add calendar to Submit iCalendar URL in Google Calendar

iCalendar Shifts

Once submitted, your Google Calendar will display the shifts in your schedule. See example below.

iCalendar Shifts in Google Calendar

iCalendar Shift Information

You can double-click on any shift to pull up more information.

iCalendar Shift Information in Google Calendar

Note: Should your URL appear to be playing up, please click the Get new URL in the iCalendar section of your Team Xpress app.


You can set reminders for all events in this calendar. See the Modify Google Calendar notifications page for further details.

Updating the Calendar

Google Calendar will re-download the iCalendar file automatically on a regular basis. This period is independent of the frequency that eTime Xpress updates the iCalendar file. Google Calendar refreshes its view based on its own schedule, typically once every 24 hours.

Note: This is not configurable by the user. Google Calendar does not provide a manual method of refreshing its view of the iCalendar file.

Outlook Calendar

You can subscribe to the eTime Xpress iCalendar file in Outlook. Once subscribed, Outlook periodically checks for updates to the iCalendar file. You may also manually check for updates by pressing F9.

One your inside of Outlook, go to the Calendar view. To do so, click the Calendar tab (green arrow) as displayed below.

Note: This will be positioned to the bottom left of your screen in the desktop app.

Calendar in Outlook Calendar

New iCalendar Subscription

First, you'll need to locate where to paste your iCalendar URL. You can click the Add calendar (green arrow) option within your Outlook Calendar.

Add calendar in Outlook Calendar

You'll be greeted with the following page.

Finding Subscribe from web in Outlook Calendar

Adding Your iCalendar URL

The next step is to locate where to add your URL. Click the Subscribe from web (green arrow) option highlighted below.

From here, you can paste you iCalendar URL (green box) from your Team Xpress app.

Adding Your iCalendar URL in Outlook Calendar

Creating Your Calendar

One you've pasted the URL (green arrow), you'll be given the option to name your calendar (red arrow).

Also, you can choose the Add to dropdown (red arrow) to choose which section you would like your calendar to be filtered under.

Once you've decided, press Import.

Customizing Your Calendar in Outlook Calendar

iCalendar Shifts

It will display as below.

iCalendar Shifts display in Outlook Calendar

iCalendar Shift Information

You can click a shift to view the shift information.

iCalendar Shift Information in Outlook Calendar

Apple iOS Device Calendar

The built-in Calendar app in iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) will allow you to subscribe using iCalendar.

Email the iCalendar link to yourself and open the email on the device. Tap the link. From there, you will be asked if you want to subscribe to the calendar.

Subscribing to Add the Shifts

Upon clicking the URL, you'll be presented with the below page. Click Subscribe.

Add Subscription Calendar by inputting iCalendar URL in Apple Calendar

iCalendar Name

Once you've subscribed, you'll need to give your calendar a name.

You can also preview shifts and give the calendar a color. Them click Add in to the top right corner to proceed.

Naming your iCalendar in Apple Calendar
Naming your iCalendar in Apple Calendar

Shift Layout

You'll can see the shifts listed in your calendar as below.

iCalendar Shift Layout in Apple Calendar

You will see greyed out shifts toward the top of the page. They are shifts that are in the past.

Shift Details

To see more information about the shift, simply click on it.

iCalendar Shift Details in Apple Calendar

iCalendar Alerts

If you want to turn on calendar alerts, you start by clicking the information tab as highlighted below (green arrow).

Editing Subscribed Calendar by clicking Information button in Apple Calendar

Here you'll be given the opportunity to turn your Event Alerts (green arrow) on which means you'll receive a notification about anything upcoming.

Edit Subscribed Calendar in Apple Calendar

For more help with adding your iCalendar to any of the above, Contact Support now!

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