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Including Stat Holiday hours in Overtime
Including Stat Holiday hours in Overtime

This article covers all you need to know about including stat holiday hours in your payroll overtime calculations

Written by Celayix Support
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This is a deep dive into how stat holidays and overtime is calculated.

By default, time worked on a stat (public holiday) is not included in the count of hours for overtime. Therefore, a week that would normally get overtime might not get it, if one of the days is categorized as a stat. The rationale is to prevent 'double dipping.

However, some organizations require that all time worked must count toward the overtime threshold; even if some of that time may be classed as stat.

Default Operation

Assuming 5 days of 9 hours each, and a 40-hour overtime threshold. Please see below.

New Configuration Option

There is a new branch configuration option called Hours worked on a stat day count towards overtime thresholds. With it enabled, all the hours worked in the week count toward overtime, whether they are stat or not.

The actual operation depends on where the stat falls within the week. When the stat falls early in the week then you get the result as shown below. The 9 hours on the stat are categorized as stat, but are counted as if they were regular for the purpose of determining overtime.

When the stat falls on the day that would normally have overtime, then the time is categorized as Stat rather than overtime, as shown below. Hours cannot be in two categories at the same time.

Align Stats

This feature is compatible with Align Stats, where an overnight shift may have its time distributed between stat and regular based on the hours that actually fall on the stat.

Check out our article to find out more about Align Stats.

For more information on how you can include stat holiday hours in your overtime, please Contact Support now!

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