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Align Stats - Stat Hours Distribution
Align Stats - Stat Hours Distribution

Distribute your hours efficiently using align stats in eTime.

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Worked time is distributed into various categories representing the type of time it is.


For example, Regular hours, Overtime, Double overtime, and Stat. The latter category represents time worked on a statutory holiday. Some reports in Celayix show this time distribution (e.g. Payroll Summary report, Billing Summary, Profit Margin). The distribution may be important when exporting the time to a payroll or billing system.

When a shift’s hours are entirely contained within the stat day (e.g., 8:00 am to 4:00 pm on Jan 1st New Years), it is clear that all the shift’s hours are to be classed as Stat. However, when a shift crosses midnight, starting the day before the stat and ending on the stat (10:00 pm Dec 31st to 6:00 am Jan 1st), or starting on the stat and ending the day after the stat (10:00 pm Jan 1st to 6:00 am Jan 2nd), it is less clear how the hours are to be distributed. That is the issue addressed here.

By default, the operation of the system is to distribute all of a shift’s hours to either Regular or Stat based on whether the shift’s start date is a statutory holiday or not.

The Align Stats option allows the hours to be distributed among Regular and Stat, depending on the amount of a shift’s time actually spent on the stat day.

For example, for a shift starting at 10:00 pm on New Year’s day (Jan 1st) and finishing at 6:00 am the next day (Jan 2nd), by default all 8 hours would be classified as Stat hours because the shift started on a stat day (Jan 1st). With Align Stats, the shift’s hours would be distributed as two hours of Stat and six hours of Regular.

Of course it is possible for you to achieve the same result by updating all the relevant shifts manually in Time & Attendance, but the Align Stats option is more efficient and reliable.

The Replace Function in Time & Attendance

Time & Attendance has an option called Replace that allows you to make changes in bulk to Worked shifts. The Replace function is found on the Edit menu.

Example - Thanksgiving

The holiday is Thursday 11/26.

The employee works five shifts starting on Monday 11/23. Each shift is from 9:00 pm to 6:00 am the following day. There is a shift that starts on the day before Thanksgiving and ends on Thanksgiving. The next day there is a shift that starts on Thanksgiving and ends on the day after Thanksgiving.

The default calculation is for the Stat pay to be allocated based on the shift’s date. Therefore the day before the holiday will have all 9 hours allocated to Regular (Standard), and the day of the holiday will have all 9 hours allocated to Stat:

With the Align Stats tool you can redistribute the shift’s time based on hours worked on the actual holiday. The day before the holiday will have 3 hours allocated to Regular and 6 to Stat, and the day of the holiday will have 3 hours allocated to Stat and 6 to Regular:

Align Stats

In Time & Attendance go to Edit > Replace.

Select the date range of the period and select the Span midnight option. Click Search and Select All:

Select the Align Stat operation at the bottom left of the page. Select Yes to acknowledge the filtering:

You can apply the distribution adjustment to the payroll hours, or the billing hours, or both:

In Time & Attendance, we see the result. The nine-hour shift that starts on 11/25, the evening before the holiday, has three hours allocated to Regular, and the other six hours allocated to Stat. The hours are shown in red because they are overrides, the same as if you had made the change manually.

For more information on aligning your stat hours, please Contact Support now!

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