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Here we dive into what geolocation and geofencing means and how location services are only captured during a clock action

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A very common question for all apps is, 'Do you track my location at all times?'. For Celayix applications, the answer is NO. The only time a location is captured is during a clock action if required by your organization. Neither Celayix nor your company can track your location any other time if the app is open or not.

What are Geolocation and Geofencing?

Geolocation is used only to ensure that you are at your work location. Consider this to be the same as if there were a supervisor on-site to verify that you are actually on-site when you check-in. Geofencing is the fence created by your organization around a site to ensure you are on location.

The Team Xpress app will pick up the location of the site where geolocation has been configured. See below.

It will also pick up where you are in relation to that location.

Your supervisor may configure none, some, or all sites for geolocation, according to their business requirements. The user’s geolocation is collected only when an explicit action is taken by the user to check-in or out through the app, only when geolocation is turned on for a site. Neither Celayix nor your employer tracks any locations outside of the action of check-in/outperformed manually on the app by you.

The location data is collected only at the moment that you check-in or out. The location is not sent to the system at any other time, whether you are using the app or not. Your employer cannot track you or know where you are except at the moment when you check-in or out.

The location data cannot be used for any other purposes as it is collected only when you check-in and out of your shift. Having the app open outside of work hours or during the shift does not track your location, and cannot encroach on your personal life in any way.

If you require any support on geolocation and privacy policy, please Contact Support now!

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