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Release Notes: 9.0.4b - July 2021
Release Notes: 9.0.4b - July 2021

Added functionality related to stat holidays and how hours are calculated

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This release adds functionality for public holidays. It increases the capabilities of distributing time among Regular, Overtime and Stat categories. Details are included in their own notes pages.

  • Include stat holiday hours in overtime calculations

  • Align Stats - distribute stat hours base on time worked on the holiday

Include Stat Holiday Hours in Overtime Calculation

By default, time worked on a Stat (public holiday) is not included in the count of hours for Overtime. Therefore a week that would normally get overtime might not get it, if one of the days is categorized as a Stat. The rationale is to prevent “double dipping”.

However, some organizations require that all time worked must count toward the overtime threshold, even if some of that time may be classed as Stat.

Align Stats - Distribute Stat Hours Based on Time Worked on the Holiday

For Stat holidays, the distribution of time is based on the start date of the shift. For shifts that are entirely contained in the holiday it is obvious what should happen. However, when the shifts crosses midnight such that only some of the time is spent on the holiday, the default operation is to classify all the time as Regular (when the shift starts the day prior to the holiday) or all as Stat (when the shift starts on the holiday) even though only some of the shift may fall on the holiday.

The new Align Stats feature provides the ability to reallocate time appropriately when the shift straddles midnight and only some of its time is on the stat.

Check out Align Stats article for more information.

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