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Release Notes: 9.0.8 - January 2022
Release Notes: 9.0.8 - January 2022

Managers/Supervisors can now submit Time off Requests on behalf of the employee.

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The Release 9.0.8 features Time Off request changes that now allow supervisors to input time off on behalf of the employee.

Add Time Off

You can add a time off entry on behalf of the employee. You might do this when an employee is unable to use Team Xpress for some reason. Or you might use it to enter a time off type that the employee is not permitted to request on their own.

Now you can add it directly from the Requests module in Schedule Xpress.

*For eTime users, you no longer need to do this from within eTime *

Add time off in Schedule Xpress

The form is very similar to the one filled out by the employee in Team Xpress. You may set its status to Approved, Declined or Cancelled.

After you add the time off entry it is shown in the same way as any other time off.

Requests Summary Page

Requests Summary page in Schedule Xpress

Time Off Details

Time off details in Schedule Xpress

Availability & Time Off Layout

Availability & Time Off layout in Schedule Xpress

Time Off Entry (Team Xpress)

The time off entry is visible to the employee in Team Xpress, the same as time off requests submitted by the employee.

To enable this feature Contact Support now!

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