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Release Notes: 9.0.6 - September 2021
Release Notes: 9.0.6 - September 2021

New features for Shift Statistics and User Maintenance

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Shift Statistics

At the left side of the schedule you can see the number of hours or shifts an employee has for the period shown. It shows Assigned, Worked, Overtime and Approved Time Off. These can be seen as number of hours or a count of items.

Totals can be viewed in any layout that organizes the page by employee.


Shift Statistics Hours Total in Schedule Xpress


Shift Statistics Count Total in Schedule Xpress

The Bottom Line

You can show totals at the bottom of the page.

Shift Statistics Count Total in Schedule Xpress


The page layout must be organized by employee. There must be no Table header grouping, and the Row header grouping must only be by employee.

The totaling options can be enabled in the layout’s Row header Shift statistics section at the bottom of the setup page. The options can also be controlled dynamically using the layout display options at the top of the page.

See Shift Statistics for additional information.

Configuration of page layout for Shift Statistics in Schedule Xpress

User Maintenance

‘Users’ are the people who can operate Schedule Xpress, Time Xpress and eTime Xpress, as opposed to ‘employees’ who are the people who have schedules and use Team Xpress.

Adding and updating Users is now done in Schedule Xpress. Previously it was done in eTime Xpress, the Citrix program. The Schedule Xpress version is easier to use and allows more flexibility in allocating functionality to the user.

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