Changing Passwords for eTime Xpress/Citrix

Encountering an issue with your eTime Xpress admin account password? We've got you covered!

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This article is provided for those who would like to change the password for their eTime Xpress admin account, or cannot access eTime though Citrix Workspace.

Note: Passwords for eTime Xpress are the same as for Schedule Xpress, therefore meaning that this will change both passwords. See Changing Schedule Xpress Admin Account Password for more.

Accessing eTime Through Citrix

Citrix is the gateway to eTime Xpress, meaning that you'll require a password for it.

If you have forgotten your Citrix password, you'll need to Contact Support to get it reset.

Citrix Workspace log in page

Logging In to eTime Xpress

To make a password change for eTime Xpress, you'll simply need to log in to your eTime Xpress account.

eTime Xpress homepage

Locating Change Password

You can find the change password option highlighted by the red arrow.

etime Xpress Change Password under File

Inputting New Password

To change your password, input your old password, and create a new one.

eTime Xpress Old password, New password and Confirm new password

If you require a change to your Citrix password, please Contact Support to get it reset!

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