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Downloading & Logging in to Citrix
Downloading & Logging in to Citrix

Where to download and how to log in to Citrix Workspace

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It's essential for all of our clients to download Citrix Workspace, as it allows them access to eTime Xpress. Due to eTime Xpress containing important data for all companies using Celayix, we advise reading more if you're yet to download and log in to Citrix.

Downloading Citrix Workspace (if you haven't already!)

Citrix Workspace is defined as a digital workspace software platform, that acts as an information retrieval service; where users can access programs and files from a variety of sources.

You can download and install your version now. Please click on the appropriate link below:

During the installation some of the screens may have optional checkmarks. Do not check them. At the end of the installation one of the choices will be Add Account. Do NOT use this option. Just press Finish. If you are asked to restart the computer just ignore it.

Accessing Your eTime Xpress Account Through Citrix

Once installed, you'll need to access the link to your company's eTime Xpress portal. An example of what this would look like is - The link will always start with 'etime' and will be followed by the Client ID; in this case, being 'mycompany'.

You will be greeted with the below page, where you will need to type in your username and password. This will be displayed as so:

  • Username00 (red arrow)

  • Password (green arrow)

Note: Details for all usernames, user IDs and passwords can be confirmed with Celayix or your system administrator.

Citrix Workspace log in page

The next section will be seen as below. Click Detect Receiver (red arrow).

Detect Receiver in Citrix Workspace

From here, you'll be able to access your eTime Xpress (red arrow). Click on the icon.

eTime Xpress app link

If any prompts or permission windows appear, select the checkmark or option to remember the choice, and then press Open.

Your eTime Xpress log in portal will load (green box). You can now input your user ID and password.

eTime Xpress log in portal

Once inside of eTime Xpress, you can access all of your company data.

For more information, please Contact Support now!

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