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Release Notes: 9.0.4a - June 2021
Release Notes: 9.0.4a - June 2021

New features for Shift Tasks and new EVV Export for Healthcare customers

Written by Celayix Support
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This release upgrades the functionality of the shift task and activity feature, and adds the ability to export shift data for EVV systems.

Filters for Shift Tasks and Activities

The Shift Tasks module now features filters to help identify shifts that have tasks, signatures, notes, and more. The filter is found at the top of the schedule grid.

Note: Multiple filers may be selected. Also, the schedule will show only the shifts that match the filters. To show all the shifts, clear the filters.

Excel File with Shift Task Information

You can now export shift task and activity information into an Excel file.

The downloaded file contains the shift details as well as the tasks and activities. The actual contents are based on the current layout.

EVV Export

Celayix can interface with some Electronic Visit Verification systems, which are used by home health providers to provide records of home visits. The first implementation is for Delaware and AuthentiCare, and is easily extensible to accommodate other states and reporting systems.

If you would like to add EVV Export to your package, please Contact Support for more information!

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