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Release Notes: 9.0.3 - April 2021
Release Notes: 9.0.3 - April 2021

New settings pages, column headers and time off request modification

Written by Celayix Support
Updated over a week ago

This release reorganizes the settings pages, and allows the employee to cancel a time off request that they have submitted.

This has resulted in the following updates:

  • Canceling Time Off Requests

  • Settings menu redesign

  • Some data exports now include column headers

Canceling Time Off Requests

After the employee submits a time off request, they can cancel it. The time off item might be in Requested or Approved status. Canceling it will change its status to Canceled. When a time off is Canceled the scheduler can schedule a shift for that time. A canceled time off acts the same as if the time off were not there at all.

The employee cancels the time off in the Time Off area of Team Xpress.

The supervisor will be notified when the employee cancels the time off, in the same way that they are notified when the time off request is submitted. This feature must be enabled in the Employee Access Group.

Settings Menu Redesign

The settings menus have been reorganized to make it easier to keep track of the items that you use most often.

The setting are arranged in groups of similar or related items. The most recently used settings are shown at the left for easy access.

Employee Security Groups has been renamed Employee Access Groups.

Some Data Exports Now Include Column headers

In eTime Xpress, some of the data objects have an export function. Now you can include column headers in the exported data of four tables. This can make it much easier to read and interpret the data when viewed in Excel.

The four tables are Employees, Customers, Sites, and Shifts Distribution data.

For compatibility with previous versions this option is not enabled by default. Please Contact Support for more information on setup!

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