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Release Notes: 9.0.0 - October 2020
Release Notes: 9.0.0 - October 2020

Take a look at what's new from Celayix in our latest software release.

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In this release, Schedule Xpress becomes the primary tool for maintaining employee records. This is no longer done in classic eTime Xpress.

Additionally, maintenance of sites is now available in Schedule Xpress.

Maintain Employees

The main screen shows a list of all the employees. This screen is highly configurable.

Tapping on any employee name brings up the details of that employee, ready for editing.

The sections correspond to their counterparts in classic eTime Xpress: General, Contact, etc. Pay rates and Qualifications are also on this page, accessed much more easily than they were in eTime Xpress.

Team Xpress

The new Accounts section is where the employee’s Team Xpress is set up.


Adding a qualification to an employee is easy. Go to the Qualifications section of the profile and tap +Add Qualification to pick from a list of available qualifications. The Qualifications themselves are set up as part of the site or service configuration.

Invitations for New Users of Team Xpress

As employees are added to the system, they are sent invitations to create and authorize their account. When they respond to the email or text invitation they create a password for themselves and set their personal preferences. The Team Xpress app is ready for them to use on their phone or computer to review their work schedules, check in and out of their shifts, indicate their availability, and request time off. All these features can be configured per employee or group of employees.

The former WebX tool is no longer used for maintaining Team Xpress users and functions, as all its capabilities are now in Schedule Xpress.

Time Off Requests

The approval of time off requests is now in Schedule Xpress. Previously in classic eTime Xpress you had to go four menu levels deep to get to the approval screen. In Schedule Xpress it is one button away.

Maintain Sites

Sites can now be updated in Schedule Xpress. They can still be maintained in eTime Xpress if desired. The main screen shows a list of all the sites. The site screen is organized much the same as the employee screen.

Tapping on any item bring up the details of the site.


Establishing the map location and size of the geofence is effortless. The map coordinates are initially based on the address of the site, and the pin can be dragged if the location is not precisely where you want it. Setting the size of the circular fence is as easy as sliding a control.


Setting up Qualifications in classic eTime Xpress was a complex operation. This has been made very straightforward and obvious. A common type of qualification is a Service qualification. It’s as easy as sliding a switch.

Now all you need to do is apply the qualification to the employees.

Video Demonstration

The Celayix Support YouTube channel has a video describing these features and more.

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