Customizing Display Columns
Selecting your Schedule Xpress columns to ensure you display the information that suits your needs
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To most administrators of Schedule Xpress databases, customizing filters is a great technique that helps to display the most beneficial information to ensure maximum productivity for their purpose.

The 3 Dots

If you want to alter your columns based on displaying criteria for certain employees,

you can click the 3 dots (red arrow) in the top right hand corner. You may been to scroll first to find them (green arrow).

The 3 dots used for choosing display columns in Schedule Xpress
The 3 dots used for choosing display columns in Schedule Xpress

Selecting Your Columns

From here, you can select the columns you would like your filter to display by ticking the boxes (red arrow) next to the column names. Once happy with your choices, you can apply (green arrow).

Selecting your columns within Schedule Xpress

Filter Funnels

To support what you display, you may want to use the filter funnels (red arrow). The example shows that you want to find an employee who's value is equal to (green arrow) the word Active (purple arrow) under the Status column. This will search exact criteria that matches. It's a valuable tool for all companies; especially those with many employees.

Using filter funnels helps to find exact criteria in Schedule Xpress

You may want to create your own filters to save. More information on doing so is provided on our Schedule Xpress Filters page.

For more information on customizing your display columns, please Contact Support now!

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