User Access and Security Groups
Adding and managing admin accounts and security within Schedule Xpress
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In this article we go through a brief overview of adding and managing new administrative/manager users in Schedule Xpress. To manage your managers and admins, select the "Administration" tab within Manage Employees.

Note: By default, this may be turned off for existing customers. If you are an existing customer, please Contact Support to convert to our new user onboarding through Schedule Xpress.

This article will cover the following steps in Access and Security for Admin Accounts in Schedule Xpress:


In Celayix, the Administration portion is for any people who are part of the scheduling and employee management process. When in the Manage People tab you will see two options:

Administration tab in Schedule Xpress

Adding Admins/Managers

To add a member to your team select the Manage People tab (red arrow), click on Administration (green arrow) and then Add user (purple arrow).

Locating Add User in the Administration tab in Schedule Xpress

Adding the User

Once inside the Add user section, you'll be required to fill the following 3 sections (red arrows) and press the orange Save button in the bottom right (green arrow).

Adding a user within Schedule Xpress

Defining Level of Control: Full Admin or Manager

The Access section will define their level of control as an administrator. There are two options, Full Admin and Manager.

Full Admin gives full access and ideal for the Super User who has access to all portions of the platform.

Manager is for anyone else who does not need full access, but instead needs specific or restricted access.

Defining level of access for user in Schedule Xpress

Manager - Controlling What They See

Allocating the access group as "Manager" is the first step in defining this users security rights.

From here, you can further determine their security rights by allocating a record access group as well as feature access group

Defining Record access group and Feature access group in Schedule Xpress

What are Record Access and Feature Access Groups?

Record Access and Feature Access groups are the way you control which aspects a person can see. These control which employees, branches, sites, as well as specific features a Manager account can both see and change.

Full Admin accounts can access this part of the Security Tab in their Settings.

Once in the settings, select Manager access (red arrow). Record Access and Feature Access are where a Full Admin would create the groupings for their Managers.

Locating Record access and Feature access groups in Schedule Xpress

Record Access

Record Access Groups is where you control who sees which branches, sites and employees.

You can create one for the first time by hitting Create or, if you have some existing, you can Clone and edit from the Clone.

Create or Clone Record Access Groups in Schedule Xpress

Once you have created a Record Access Group go ahead and customize it for the proper branches and sites.

Customizing your Record Access Group in Schedule Xpress

The other portion on the page will be Group Members. This refers to the employees and full admins/managers which are in this record access group.

Assigning Group members to Record Access Group in Schedule Xpress

To alter or add an employee to a particular Record Access Group go to their profile, under the Manage People --> Employee --> Settings tab for that employee. An employee can be part of one or multiple record access group. Likewise, a Manager can have access to one or many record access groups.

Any Full Admin/Manager accounts associated with this record access group will also be listed as a group member

Feature Access

Feature Access is where you control the specifics of what can be both seen and changed by Manager license.

The specific features are configured with three levels of access:

  • Full access - where the feature can used and configured

  • Run access - where the feature can be used but not changed

  • No access - where the feature is entirely hidden from the user

The three levels of access within Feature Access in Schedule Xpress

Note: A user is associated to a single feature access group which can consist of one or more users

To learn more about user access and security groups, please Contact Support now!

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