Once you have your shifts created and people assigned, the next step is to publish those shifts to your staff.

Reminder: Anything on your schedule page is in is in draft mode until you hit the Save icon, displayed below. As soon as the save button is selected, the shifts are saved.

Saving the shift does not necessarily mean it has to be published to your employees. When they are published can be more automated. Let's look at the options below to decide which is the best for you.

Publishing Schedules

There are a few key ways to publish schedules automatically. To set the options go to Settings (red arrow), 'Branch Features' and then Publish Schedule (green arrow).

Publish schedule in Schedule Xpress

That will pull up this page of options:

Choosing your Publish schedule parameters in Schedule Xpress

We have three options that can be used to your benefit:

  • Publish All Dates - This option means as soon as you press save on the scheduler, the shifts will be distributed to your employees. This option is recommended if you schedule a few weeks in advance and are unlikely to make changes

  • Publish Schedule to 'x' date

  • Shifts dated up to 'x' of days after the current date

For more information on publishing schedules, please Contact Support now!

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