Creating an Employee Search Rule
Creating and defining an employee search rule to ensure that you find the right workforce solutions
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It is important to understand that an employee search rule is created to benefit the scheduler in finding the most appropriate employee to fill any given shift. This is a shortcut option of the autofill process, which helps to define either partial or exact matches in order of suitability.

This article will cover the following steps in creating an employee search rule in Schedule Xpress:

Accessing Employee Search Rules

To access the Employee search rule option, you'll need to enter Settings (green arrow) and find it under the Branch features tab (red arrow).

Accessing Employee search rule in Schedule Xpress

Creating a Rule

After entering, click Create rule as displayed below.

Create rule in Employee search rule in Schedule Xpress

Naming the Rule

Then, proceed to name the rule and give a description if necessary.

Naming the employee search rule in Schedule Xpress

Matching Criteria

The first setting to fill is the Match criteria. This option is defined by choosing whether you'd like employees to be matched by either partial or exact criteria. For example, if you selected two requirements to comply to, then partial may mean an employee would only potentially need to match one of the two requirements in order to be allocated a shift. However, if exact is selected, both requirements would need to be matched.

Choosing partial or exact match in employee search rule in Schedule Xpress

Picking Your Options

The next column is self-explanatory, in that once your database is set up, you can pick the relevant options that you desire. These can be used if you are looking to define your search to a more specific degree.

Choosing options for employee search rule in Schedule Xpress

Choosing Requirements

From here, you're given the opportunity to select the requirements for the shift. Remember, if you've previously selected Exact under the Settings field, all of the requirements you choose will need to be met in order for an employee to be selected for the shift.

Choosing requirements in employee search rule in Schedule Xpress

Selecting Categories for Employee Sort Order

The final step, is to select a category or categories from the Employee Sort Order. Once the database has figured an employee or a group of employees suitable for a shift based on requirements, they will be selected first to last based on the type of criteria chosen in this section.

Selecting categories for employee sort order in employee search rule within Schedule Xpress

Once you've created the employee search rule, you can visit our Configuring Autofill article for the next step, before implementing the complete autofill into your schedule.

For more information on employee search rules, please Contact Support now!

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