Configuring Autofill
Configuring autofill for quickly filling shifts with suitable employees
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The autofill tool is a great way to auto select the most appropriate employees for a range of shifts, based on suitability to the role and its requirements. You'll need to configurate an autofill option that can be applied to match the employee type you require for selected shifts.

This article will cover the following steps in configuring autofill in Schedule Xpress:

Accessing Autofill

The first step will be to open the Settings (green arrow) tab in your database. Once this is selected, you can click on the Autofill option (red arrow).

Accessing Autofill in Schedule Xpress

Creating an Autofill Selection

Once in autofill, you can click on the Create button to start configurating.

Creating an autofill selection in Schedule Xpress

Naming an Autofill

You'll see the option to name your article, which is important in defining the type of shifts you're looking to fill. For example, if you're looking to fill part-time shifts, you may want to label this Part-time.

Once chosen, you'll have to decide whether this is a priority or sequence autofill (explained in Schedule Xpress). Typically, users will choose the priority option. However, sequence is an efficient way of assigning employees one after the other, based on a top to bottom list the scheduler can create.

Naming an autofill configuration in Schedule Xpress

Employee Search Rules

NOTE: It's important that you understand the concept of employee search rules, as this is a fundamental component of the autofill configuration.

The next step is to choose the employee search rule that you would like to apply to the new rule (green arrow). In basic terms, this means that the criteria initially selected from the employee search rule that you apply will match the requirements you want from the employees in this autofill process.

Applying an employee search rule to autofill in Schedule Xpress

Choosing a Shift Processing Order

This will be followed by choosing your Shift processing order, which can be defined as the order in which shifts are filled. As a basic example, if you picked Shift Date (green arrow) as your first option, your autofill would operate based on the earliest date possible that it can fill shifts.

Choosing a shift processing order in autofill in Schedule Xpress


Once chosen, you can exit to save. This will redirect you to the calendar.

Saving your autofill configuration in Schedule Xpress

Once you are in the calendar, autofill is a quick and easy process. To check out what you do next, see our guide on how to use autofill to fill shifts.

For more information on autofill, please Contact Support now!

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