Adjusting your Employee or Admin Licenses
Take a look at the process of adjusting your licences for the Celayix platform
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Need to add to your employee or admin license count? We can help!

Adjusting Your License Count

If you're looking to make adjustments to your count at any time, the first step is to Contact Support and indicate the number you would like to increase by. Please be aware, unless your contract states otherwise, you can only increase in blocks of 5 or more.

Note: Billing will be adjusted after changes are actioned and pricing of any increases will be based on the package you have selected.

If you're looking to reduce your count, be sure that you have archived all employees that are not needed as active first. Any employee you archive increases your count by one. Find out more on our How to Archive/Activate Employees page. If you still require a decrease, you can email our support team.

Note: Your employee count going below the original commitment may result in a price increase, as you may fall into a new tier.

Within One Business Day

If you do make any changes, you can expect your increases or decreases to happen within one business day.

For specific questions on your account, please Contact Support now!

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