Once you have created your schedule or pasted your template for a particular time frame, the next step is to publish that schedule to reality.

This means it will be sent to your employees. There are a few options for automating the way you publish your schedules.

Publish Date

Depending on your business rules, you might want to only publish shifts on a particular date or until a particular time period. To do that, we have a few options that

allows the user to specify how many days in advance employees can see their shifts once they have been created and saved in Schedule Xpress.

The choices available are:

  • All Dates

As soon as the shifts are saved, employees will be able to see all the shifts.

  • Publish Schedule Up to <select date>

Shifts only up to the selected date are shown to employees. The date does not change automatically so if users mention that they cannot see shifts, it could be due to a stale date that has been entered in this field. This is a great option for sending all shifts for a period of time on one date, then doing a similar process for the next time frame.

Note: This means if you hit the save button on shifts beyond the selected date are saved into the system but are not visible to employees until that date is adjusted.

  • Shifts Dated Up to <x> Days After the Current Date

Shifts up to a specified number of days from the current day can be seen by the employee. This is a very popular option for organizations that release schedules up to x days before.

Auto-Confirm Shifts

When publishing shifts, you also have the option to have those shift auto-confirmed.

When enabled, auto-confirm allows for shifts to be automatically confirmed (vs. explicitly requiring the employee to confirm) once the shift is assigned to the employee.

In some cases, when the shift is assigned to the employee, you may want to give them some additional options. An additional feature that can be enabled is where the employee can indicate they can no longer work the shift (Cannot Work). If enabled, additional choices available are:

  • Automatically set shift to open

    • Once Cannot Work is selected within Team Xpress, the shift is automatically set to Open so it can be filled by any other qualified employee.

  • Automatically create time off records

    • This feature will automatically create a time-off record so that the employee will not be available to fill other shifts at the same time.

  • Disable Cannot Work

    • Allows Cannot Work to be disabled a certain number of hours before the start time of the shift or at a specific time and number of days before the start of the shift.

Once the schedule is published, you can request that employees confirm their shifts.

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