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Learn how to customize what you would like to show in your shift forms
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The Forms section of Settings is the location where the content of the forms can be specified. This includes selecting the fields that are required to be completed as well as the order that the fields will be displayed in.

Currently, only the Shift Form is available.

Shift Form

The shift form allows the user to specify the fields that someone creating a shift must complete. The General section contains many fields which are required and therefore are greyed out (1) so that they cannot be accidentally disabled by clicking on the selection box. Many others can be deselected from the shift form. For these selectable fields under General and the other sections, the orange checkmark (2) can be removed from the selection box if the field is not going to be displayed on the shift form.

Users also have the option of reordering the fields that are to be displayed in the form. To do this, users can click and hold the double-sided arrow icon to the right of the field name (3) and drag the field to the desired location. This allows the user to ensure that more important fields are higher up in the form.

Other options that may be available based on what is licensed include Labor Forecasting (events) and Shift Tasks.

shift forms - settings


  • Changes are automatically saved as they are being made.

  • Each section has the ability to Reset to System Defaults if a mistake is made.

  • Check the box to the left of the description to turn that particular option on or off.

  • Click and hold the double-sided arrow to the right of the description to drag the particular field up or down to change the order of the displayed fields on the form.

  • Not every section needs to be completed for the form to work. Only select the fields that you want to see in the form.

For more information on shift forms, please Contact Support now!

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