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Adding, archiving, and more within employee management
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In this article, we will dive into employee management and how you can keep your employee data in Schedule Xpress fully optimized.

This article will cover the following on employee management in Schedule Xpress:

Adding employees

You'll need to click on the Manage people tab to gain access to adding employees in Schedule Xpress.

Adding employee in Schedule Xpress

You will see the options to Add employee and Quick add multiple. Add employee is the best option for adding a singular employee, whereas Quick add multiple provides a great option for those looking to add multiple employees.

Note: If you have no employees in your database, the page will show completely blank.

Add employee and Quick add multiple in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

License count

Your license count is the number of employees you're licensed to have accounts for within your system.

When you attempt to add an employee that will exceed your license count, you'll be warned that your current license count requires an upgrade in order to perform the action.

Employee license count has been exceeded. Unable to add new employee in Schedule Xpress

Note: Your inactive employee accounts count towards your active total. For every archived account, you'll free up 1 additional count.

You can read more about this in our Adjusting your Employee or Admin Licenses article.

If you're looking to add or reduce your license count, visit our Managing your license count article for more information, or Contact Support now.


You can use the search bar and filters to find your desired employee(s).

The filters you can use are by:

  • Employee status

  • Show employees

  • Show groups

  • Show departments

  • Show qualifications

Filters in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

The grid layout can also be adjusted by dragging the separators between columns, dragging the column headers, using the filter (funnel), and clicking on the column headers to sort the list.

Column separators and funnel:

Column separators and funnel in Manage people in Schedule Xpress
Column separators and funnel in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

At the right edge of the column headers is a three dots icon that allows you to choose which columns to show in the grid.

3 dots:

3 dots in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Employee profile details

To see all the details of an employee, you can click on their profile in Manage people. This will open with all the details about the employee.

Employee profile details in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

You can either click on the options in the panel across the top, or simply scroll down to navigate through the details.

Employee profile details in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Employee form

You can click the settings cog, which will take you through to the Employee form.

Employee form in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

The Employee form allows the user to choose the details they want to see inside their profile. For example, Contact, References, Qualifications.

Here, you can choose which ones you'd like to include.

Employee form in Manage People and Settings in Schedule Xpress

Employee photo

The employee’s photo will be shown if the employee has uploaded their photo in Team Xpress. The default otherwise is their initials. See the two examples below.

Employee profile photo in Employee profile details in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Updating Employees

To change any of the information for a single employee, click on the employee in Manage people. When inside the employee's profile, click Edit employee. This will put you in update mode.

Edit employee in employee profile in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

You can then edit this employee.

Updating multiple employees at once

To change information for multiple employees at once, put checkmarks on the employees you wish to change. The click Update employees.

Bulk updating employees in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

You can choose the field you wish to change, and then make the relevant change to the field selected. Then, press Update employees.

Note: Only the exact same change can be made when bulk updating employee details.

Bulk updating employees in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Deleting employees

Deleting an employee is never recommended, but the option exists if you make a mistake and wish to remove an account.

Note: Only employees with no shift history can be deleted. However, we recommend archiving employees as this keeps their history for any future references, and also reduces you license count by 1 per employee.

To delete an employee, put a checkmark at the left edge of the employee's account, and then select the Delete option from icon at the top-right of the page.

Deleting employees in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Alternatively, you can edit the employee and press delete inside of the profile.

Employee statuses

Within the General info section, there are different statuses that can be assigned to an employee within their profile.

Employee statuses (Active, Inactive, Archived) in employee profile in Manage people in Schedule Xpress

Active: This is the status for all employees who are actively working with your organization. Each active employee counts towards your total employee license count.

Inactive: This is the status for employees who you want to keep accessible but may not be currently working for you.

Archived: Archiving is for employees that no longer work for you actively, but whose data you need to retain.

You can make these changes by using the dropdown above the select their Status, and press save. Alternatively, you can can bulk update the employees' Status at once.

Let's discuss more benefits on archiving employees.

Archiving employees

If you have an employee who no longer works for you, we recommend archiving them. This way you keep their historical data, retain their data and can reactivate them if they rejoin. Depending on your location, you may also be required to keep employee information for audit purposes. This is where archiving an employee is very useful.

There is no cost associated with archiving an employee and those employees who are archived do not count towards your employee license count.

For more information on employee management, Contact Support now!

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